Check out the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization website which we just launched at We are thankful and blessed to have this tool to help us set our course. The HALO website will be continually updated with vitally important information to help you educate yourself and others. So please visit it often.
Much has fallen into place since September, when we began this undertaking to serve others (see our mission statement). If you need to contact a patient advocate for advice or help or just someone to listen to your concerns, email and we will respond ASAP. We also welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve our outreach to you.
Plans for HALO include setting up a hotline and staffing it with volunteer patient advocates who will answer callers’ questions and make referrals when necessary to protect patients’ lives. Next month, Julie Grimstad will share information about our patient advocate training program. We have taken the first step by producing a video on patient advocacy that will be posted to HALO’s YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned for that.
I call your attention to two important articles in this edition of the HALO Monthly. Julie explains the problems with POLST, a dangerous advance directive that is little known to the public. And Lucy Karen Clay, a HALO advisor, warns us about Senate Bill 693, the Palliative Care and Hospice Education Training Act, which is currently in committee but already has been passed by the House. Why is this important? It is evident that you are reading this newsletter because you care for others and want to learn more and do more to help others. Read Lucy’s article and find out how you can take a strong and effective stand against the increasing dangers in end-of-life care.
The entire HALO Board of Directors wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please join us in saying a prayer of thanksgiving to God for His many blessings and answered prayers.

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