The elections are both good news and bad news. We don’t have to do a rundown of the results here; we’ll just acknowledge that elections have consequences. One consequence of the Democrats taking control of the House is that any more whittling away at Obamacare probably will not happen. This election indicates that most Americans want government-run healthcare. This is bad. I would even say this is very, very bad.
Bruce Frohnen, in Crisis Magazine, explains why:
A majority of Americans are more attracted by the idea of government funded healthcare than they are to job creation, local liberties, and the traditional American commitment to voluntary action. This is troubling, not because affordable healthcare is not important, but because societies that seek to provide it for free through government programs undermine crucial religious values. Government programs like healthcare crowd out more local, subsidiary institutions and associations (charity hospitals, for example—a high percentage of which were once run by Catholic organizations). They make us look to the government instead of to one another in our local institutions for help in time of need. They also bankrupt the nation, and in the process devalue human life. Whether in Great Britain, the Netherlands, or Canada, government-run health services have brought the rationing of care, followed by grisly death panels that decide who should be given treatment and who should be allowed to die, and, all too soon, euthanasia. (“No Blue Wave, Yet Troubles Are Ahead,” Crisis Magazine, November 7, 2018.)
Judie Brown, President of American Life League and a member of the HALO Advisory Board, laments, “Sadly, folks do not see that the more government controls the lives of the vulnerable, the less valuable each individual human being becomes.”
HALO has a lot of work ahead and our job just got tougher.
Julie Grimstad, President
HALO Board of Directors

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