As a relative, friend or volunteer, have you ever been called upon to support/advocate for a person in a healthcare setting? Or are you currently in such a situation? While it is certainly a blessing to be of service, many questions may arise, such as:
  • Who can be a patient advocate?
  • What is the most important skill needed for patient advocacy?
  • How can I be of assistance to a patient and/or family?
  • How can I help the patient and/or family understand the treatment options open to the patient?
  • What about food and water?
  • Who can I call on for help if it’s needed?
These are some of the useful topics covered in HALO'S YouTube presentation on Patient Advocacy. Please take time to view this valuable resource and keep it handy as an essential tool. If you have any questions about patient advocacy after watching this video, please send them to

View the Video Here:
Patient Advocacy Seminar with Julie Grimstad

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