By Barbara Lyons
June 10, 2019
I’m thrilled to report that the American Medical Association (AMA), moments ago, affirmed CEJA 2, the report which recommends that the AMA retain its opposition to assisted suicide. The vote was 65-35, a stunningly huge margin of victory. 
Enormous gratitude is owed to Drs. Jeff White, Shane Macauley and Tom Eppes who have been leading activities surrounding the AMA at interim and annual meetings for the past several years to ensure that the AMA retain its longstanding opposition to assisted suicide. They recruited and trained 20+ medical students, interns, and residents who provided outstanding testimony at yesterday’s Reference Committee meeting, resulting in the Reference Committee overwhelmingly recommending that the House of Delegates affirm CEJA 2. Dr. Dan Sulmasy debated the Compassion and Choices lead physician on Friday to provide more ammunition. Physician members of CEJA held the line last year and this year despite enormous pressure to cave. Thanks to many other physicians who testified at Reference Committee.
Words cannot express how important this victory is to our efforts in state legislatures and state medical societies. Many thanks to all who made this possible to protect our most vulnerable patients and populations!
HALO Note: This is, indeed, a tremendous win for life. However, we still have a long way to go when the vote is 65 to 35. 100% of physicians should be opposed to assisted suicide. Pray for all doctors, that their objective will always be to protect and preserve the lives of their patients and to treat every suicidal patient, whatever their condition, with appropriate preventive measures.

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