Mrs. Jones was Rescued in the Middle of the Night by Texas Right to Life

Mrs. Jones was Rescued in the Middle of the Night by Texas Right to Life: Lessons to Be Learned from This Incident

By Kassi Marks, JD
Posted: June 16, 2019
Reprinted with permission.
IntroductionHere's an update on Carolyn Jones, a victim of Texas' 10-day Rule in the Texas Advance Directives Act ("TADA"), who was literally rescued from the jaws of death by Texas Right to Life. I covered that saga in my blog many times. It came during our efforts to repeal that part of the law. (The anti-life 10-day Rule gives patients only 10 days to find a new facility before a hospital may legally withdraw their life-sustaining care against their will.)

From L-R: Mark Lee Dickson, Emily Cook, Mr. Jones, Kim Schwartz

Today is a great day!! Mrs. Jones was transported via private ambulance at Texas Right to Life’s expense and will receive care at a long-term care facility.
Emily Cook, an excellent lawyer, someone I count as a friend, and who has been very much on the frontlines of this effort to save Mrs. Jones as the family’s attorney, posted this today on Facebook:
Praise Jesus. Thank you, Lord. God works in amazing ways. The rest of this post is worth the long read. It’s been a night and I’m glad to finally share the news.
Carolyn Jones has left Memorial Hermann SW and is receiving treatment at another Houston hospital! Really, in the middle of the night she was taken by private ambulance to a different hospital’s ER. (I also have a new skill if you ever need a private ambulance.) It was our last hope, a Hail Mary. MH stood by their decision to refuse dialysis to Carolyn; dialysis treatment predating the stroke that landed Carolyn here in the first place. We have a long-term facility in the works, but the paperwork had not been finished. Carolyn had been without dialysis since Saturday; she simply could not go one more day. No amount of money, no number of legislators calling the hospital had changed the hospital’s position.
It was scary. And it was risky. But God showed up. I was worried about how would we know no funny business clinically would happen as we tried to move her. God brought a nurse practitioner as an ally; someone I had never met. I was worried about reception to our arrival at the ER. God brought the most sympathetic personnel to us.
Amazingly, The ER agreed she should have dialysis. However, they were full. They instead found ANOTHER facility willing to accept her and give the dialysis. A legit transfer, not discharge and showing up to an ER. So that’s TWO facilities who disagreed that Carolyn’s life was not worth respecting.
As I sat in her room, watching her move her head from family member to family member as they talked, to responding to commands, the urgency to save her only intensified.
We still have the paperwork and funding to go through to get her to a long-term facility [note: she was moved after this post] pending Medicaid approval. … How timely is our God?!
Mark Lee Dickson and I have assisted each other in cases before, but it was always digital; phone calls, texts, messages. But he came to Houston and jumped into gear. And you all get to see the work Kim Schwartz does.
This is why I defend Texas Right to Life so vehemently. From the intern who ran to bring very tired family members a round of coffee, to our fearless President having zero qualms about calling an elected official at midnight when we thought we might have a problem at the ER. THIS is why Texas Right To Life is such a great organization; it’s the people. We pray first, and then get to work.  
And, and also our families. Poor baby Andrew [Emily Cook’s son] hasn’t seen much of his momma for a full week and he’s really showing “mommy withdrawals.”  
Meanwhile, my ER RN sister is glad we no longer share the same last name  
Look, we are systemically encountering a culture that does not respect the intrinsic dignity of human Life. And as you see, such a deficit can impact areas of your life you never even considered. Folks should pass away when God calls us home; not by the hand of man.  
Please continue to support the Jones family by donating at the link below [referring to the link in her Facebook post], demand lawmakers change the Ten-day Rule and pray for a successful transfer to the long-term care facility.  
Note from HALO: Kassi Marks added a lengthy message after Emily Cook’s post and has added several updates since. You can read the entire post by visiting her blog.
Here are just a few of the important points she makes:
  • There was absolutely no justification for subjecting this woman to involuntary passive euthanasia; not that there ever is; … There was no assertion that the care was ineffective or harming her. The truth is, it was working, that’s why they wanted to withdraw it. And, the truth is, this woman was not at death’s door. She survived without her ventilator from Monday at 2 pm until the wee hours of [Tuesday]. She survived without dialysis from Saturday [until she received care at another hospital on Tuesday morning].
  • There was to my knowledge – as usual – no assertion that any doctor’s conscience was pricked by continuing care. Even if it was, I’ve always said the solution is transferring the patient, not killing her.
  • Note also how the care at the other facilities was provided immediately and note the vastly different attitude of the medical professionals there. … there are some in the medical profession who simply have a eugenicist and euthanasia mindset. They want to decide whose lives are worth living and who should be put down like a dog because they have no quality of life in these “professionals’” judgment. What a horrendous, dehumanizing, elitist viewpoint.
  • Note – and I think this is very important – Texas Right to Life offered to private pay for a dialysis treatment and Memorial Hermann refused. Yet two more facilities … concluded immediately that this woman needed emergency dialysis.

By Kassi Marks, JD
Posted: June 27, 2019

Mrs. Jones has passed away. Texas Right to Life announced it, which I quote in full:
HOUSTON – Carolyn Jones passed away Tuesday from natural causes following her high-profile battle with the Texas 10-Day Rule. In May, a hospital committee pulled the plug on Carolyn against her family’s will, but she lived without a ventilator or dialysis for over 60 hours until escaping the hostile hospital in a private ambulance in the dead of night.

Carolyn stopped breathing early Tuesday morning at the long-term nursing facility in which she resided and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Hours later, Carolyn passed away peacefully – on God’s time, not on a countdown forced by a hospital committee or at a time prescribed by state law.
Carolyn’s husband and daughter, Donald and Kina Jones, labored tirelessly to protect her from death imposed by the 10-Day Rule. The Jones family is grateful for countless concerned well-wishers and supporters who sent love as well as donations to Carolyn’s aid. The generosity of people from across the United States afforded the Jones family 43 extra days to cherish with their wife and mother whose life would have otherwise been cut short in May. Texas Right to Life is honored to have played some small role in aiding Donald and Kina as they endured this tragic circumstance.
Texas Right to Life requests prayers and privacy for the Jones family, and we pray that Carolyn is at rest now with our Heavenly Father.
I, like Texas Right to Life, am very grateful that Mrs. Jones was able to pass away in her own time, with appropriate care maintained, and not because her care had been prematurely withdrawn in order to hasten her death. I am grateful that she was given more time with her family and they with her. That is how it should be for every patient and family. No one should have their death hastened against their will by the withdrawal of care.
What this family went through to allow that to happen because of the state of Texas law is diabolical and must be stopped. And, for those who accuse those of us who oppose TADA [Texas Advance Directives Act, of which the 10-Day Rule is a part] of trying to keep "corpses" alive (appalling, disgusting language I've heard repeatedly, even during testimony by a Catholic hospital administrator "ethicist" in opposition to the reform efforts this legislative session), and including by the Usual Suspects.
NOTE that when it was Mrs. Jones' time, it was her time. No one denies that. But it should not be someone's time because a doctor or hospital decided to take away their effective life-sustaining care in order to hasten their death because they didn't think that life was worth living or had value. This is a distinction with a difference. What TADA allows doctors and hospitals to do is eugenics and euthanasia, which are not moral or ethical. Nor should this practice be legal.
Let us pray for the repose of Mrs. Jones' soul and for comfort to her family in their time of loss and grief. As we say in Orthodoxy: Memory Eternal!

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