Dear HALO Board of Directors and Board of Advisors,
I have spent days absorbing the magnitude of the work of HALO and your much-needed mission to defend the medically vulnerable. Without your hard and tireless work funneling pertinent information to the public through HALO’s website, articles, and real cases told by families, people would have a hard time believing that they must be prepared to protect themselves and others in health care settings. 
Your loving and appreciative friend,
Nan Weber
Homes of Life Across America
Nan’s Advice
HALO’s work needs to be one of those morning coffee moments for you—put everything else aside, start with prayer, and then read and study the articles and other information. Go to the website and absorb the information so that you might have power and truth behind your testimonies. Send your personal stories and factual details to HALO. This fight for those at the end of life is our battle today!
Swiftly the darkness envelopes the world, spreading the Culture of Death everwhere like a killer virus. But we need to remember that the “enemy” always seems to forget how the story ends and overplays his hand. Jesus WINS! Jesus, with those who trust in Him willing to “lay down their lives for their neighbor,” will win this war with the Gospel of Life as their banner. The battle is fierce. We must speak out. Let’s not wait until it is too late. We must pray, listen, learn, work and not worry.
God is calling all of us to begin to tell the stories and gather the clear evidence of the murders in the disguise of “mercy” that are rapidly increasing. Through the HALO newsletter, the ammunition of truth must give us the courage to speak what we know and have experienced at the hands of the so-called “Death with Dignity” movement throughout the land and the world.
You do not have to convert the whole world. You have only to do as He tells you. Love and protect one another. HALO’s leaders and volunteers will help you and guide you to the resources you need to do your work. We will know that we are on the right track when we see believers—men, women and children—standing in front of hospitals, hospices and nursing homes like we do when we stand and pray in front of Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills. Exposing the truth about what is happening in many health care settings, particularly in many hospices, will be an uphill battle. The wool has been pulled over our eyes for so long that many are “in-love with” hospice. People fiercely defend it. We must conquer with love and truth.
We at Homes of Life Across America would like to hear your stories as we reach out to people all over the country to help them understand and accept the help that they need to create a Home of Life in their neighborhood. Call 806-268-3035 or 806 361 5098 (or 99) for the office of Homes of Life Across America. Also visit our website at https://homesoflife.net/.
For more information about our mission, see our story featured in HALO’s July 2019 newsletter: https://newsletter.halorganization.com/2019/07/loreto-on-plains-personal-care-home-new.html.

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