HALO Herald -- January 21, 2020

HALO’s Board of Directors and members mourn the death of Arline Lester by forced euthanasia (https://personhood.org/2020/01/17/arline-lester-dies-in-forced-euthanasia-case/). We also mourn every person who has been subjected to a merciless imposed death. May they rest in peace.
We fervently pray that respect for human life will be restored in every nation, throughout every society, healthcare system, and legal system.

In 1938, the Euthanasia Society of America (ESA) was founded in New York. It was the precursor to the present-day organizations that advocate for assisted suicide and euthanasia.
In 1939, ESA proposed legislation for "voluntary" euthanasia. According to attorney Charles Nixdorff, ESA’s Treasurer, "The society hoped eventually to legalize the putting to death of non-volunteers beyond the help of medical science.” (New York Times, 1/27/1939:21) ESA’s leaders thought society was readier to accept the “right to die” than the “right to kill.”
Fast forward to today. The increasing number of cases of forced euthanasia and coerced assisted suicide is truly alarming. What was the pathway that led from the “right to die” for those who want it to the “right to kill” those who have no choice in the matter?
Do you want to learn more?
Discover the history of the “right to die” movement. Read “Origins and History of the Deadly Living Will and Its Sequel, Assisted Suicide” – a timeline extending from 1938 to 2019 which highlights and briefly describes many of the organizations, individuals, and events that have little by little infused a culture of death into our laws, our attitudes and our healthcare system. It is available at https://www.halovoice.org/pdf/Timeline-Living-Will.pdf.
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Julie Grimstad, President of HALO
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The mission of the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization is to promote, protect, and advocate for the rights of the medically vulnerable through direct patient and family interactions; through community education and awareness programs; and through promotion and development of concrete *"life-affirming healthcare"* alternatives for those facing the grave consequences of healthcare rationing and unethical practices, especially those at risk of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

*"Life-affirming healthcare" is defined as medical care in which the paramount principle is the sanctity of life, which means that the life and safety of each person come first and each person receives medical care across their lifespan based on their need for care and never with an intention to hasten death, regardless of their abilities or perceived "quality of life."

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