Take the Challenge

Take the Challenge
You might be Shocked at the Results!

It is an indisputable fact that our children are the future of the pro-life movement. Whether we are parents, grandparents, godparents, friends, or educators, we have an incredibly important role in overcoming the societal influences promoting the Culture of Death. To somehow, someday tranform to a Culture of Life, it is critically important for pro-life education to be an integral part of each child’s everyday experience. This will transform hearts and minds – one child at a time – to recognize that every human life is precious.

The challenge we parents face hit close to home recently when Anne Marie, a HALO staff member, was alarmed by an unexpected revelation. She suddenly realized that just because our children are being raised in pro-life households where the basic issues are discussed frequently, that doesn’t guarantee they are convinced that all life is sacred.

Read Anne Marie’s story for yourself:

A  couple of months ago, I was working at my kitchen table when my fourteen-year-old son, who is passionately pro-life on abortion, came in from school and asked what I was working on. I responded that I was trying to come up with a “catchy” idea for an ad—focusing on either organ donation or assisted suicide—to publicize an upcoming HALO event. This led to a discussion on both issues.

My son wasn’t certain he understood how assisted suicide worked. Typically, I explained, the patient’s doctor writes a prescription for a lethal dose of pills that the patient will take in their home to end their life. He responded, “Maybe that’s okay if the patient is suffering a lot.” This led us to consider whether it’s okay to play God by choosing to end someone’s life.

When the discussion turned to organ transplants, I was probably even more shocked at my son’s impression and answers. I explained that, in order to transplant a human heart, the transplant surgeon must take it from a person with a beating heart. He responded, “So?” Thinking that he didn’t fully understand what I had just said, I explained further that the organ donor’s life would be ended by removing their heart. My son replied, “I don’t know that is a bad thing. Maybe someone younger would need the heart.” Then I made it personal. I asked if it would have been okay when Grandma was sick to take her heart and give it to someone younger. My son immediately understood what I was saying. He just hadn’t thought about it that way before.

This “spur of the moment” discussion with my son was entirely unplanned and sadly informative. It illustrates that perhaps we veterans in the pro-life movement have mistakenly assumed that the younger generation has absorbed, as if by osmosis, these vitally important end-of-life lessons.

CALL TO ACTION - Take the Challenge

It is critical that we educate the next generation on the sanctity of every human life. With that in mind, HALO invites you (if you think the time is appropriate) to review with your own children and grandchildren their understanding of some more difficult-to-grasp life issues. You may be surprised! Then join us as we strive to ensure we are passing on to our young people a genuine understanding of what it means to be 100% pro-life.

Have the Conversation!

If you are suffering from a terminal illness, would it be permissible to die by taking a doctor-prescribed lethal dose of pills?

If a loved one was in a terrible accident and suffered a severe brain injury, would it be okay to end his or her life provided it would help someone else?

Tell us about your conversation on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #prolifeconversation & have your name entered into a drawing for a $50 VISA gift card!

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