We Heard YOU!
HALO Herald Survey Responses.

– May 2020
Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. Your feedback helps ensure our HALO Herald e-newsletter is relevant, informative and interesting. Here is what you said:
  • All respondents reported they find value in reading the HALO Herald!
  • 30% of respondents indicated they would prefer a shorter newsletter while 70% reported that an adjustment is not needed to the length of the newsletter.
  • When asked about the desired frequency of the newsletter, 70% indicated they would like to retain the monthly frequency while 30% indicated they would like the frequency to be two times per month.
  • 60% of respondents indicated they would like the format of the newsletter changed to a 1-paragraph summary of each article. Each summary paragraph would contain a link to the full article.
  • When asked if articles in a single newsletter should be dedicated to a specific theme or focus area (E.g., Assisted Suicide) as opposed to including articles on various topics, it was a 50/50 split.
  • We also heard some general suggestions including the following:
    • Provide information that will assist everyone in addressing end-of-life issues with their doctors.
    • Address if organ donation is a recommended practice.
    • Include more statistics from groups that deal with Assisted Suicide.
    • Provide healthcare workers with pro-life information including suggestions on how to deal with colleagues on these issues.
    • Share healthcare worker prolife conversion success stories.
Changes to HALO Herald coming next month!
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The mission of the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization is to promote, protect, and advocate for the rights of the medically vulnerable through direct patient and family interactions; through community education and awareness programs; and through promotion and development of concrete *"life-affirming healthcare"* alternatives for those facing the grave consequences of healthcare rationing and unethical practices, especially those at risk of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

*"Life-affirming healthcare" is defined as medical care in which the paramount principle is the sanctity of life, which means that the life and safety of each person come first and each person receives medical care across their lifespan based on their need for care and never with an intention to hasten death, regardless of their abilities or perceived "quality of life."

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