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This is really good - a relevant twist on the "having the conversation" of advanced care planning. – J.S. from Minnesota
This is very timely. I had four fantastic college-aged kids at my house lately. They attend Franciscan University, known for being passionately Catholic and extremely pro-life. Three of them are THEOLOGY majors! Indeed, all four of the young people are very pro-life about abortion. I work in the area of end-of-life issues. For some reason, I no longer remember, I mentioned the name of Terri Schiavo.* Three of the four (my daughter being the one who DID know about Terri because of me) completely drew a blank! I realized that they did not know who I was talking about. Now, of course, poor Terri died 15 years ago, so these young people would have been only about six at the time, so that part is understandable. What I did not realize was that, even with the excellent education at Franciscan, the end-of-life discussion has not been had. So, I gave them a quick recap of the whole terrible event. – Donor from West Virginia

*Terri Schiavo, a woman with brain damage, was deliberately starved and dehydrated to death in a Florida Hospice in 2005.
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