HALO owes a debt of gratitude to Ralph A. Capone, M.D., and Ron Panzer, President of Hospice Patients Alliance, for assistance in fine-tuning these life-affirming ethical principles.

The inherent dignity of each human being demands a consistent and deep respect for life – regardless of age, disease, or disability. Sadly, medicine, law, and society have embraced a morally reprehensible ethic to rationalize immoral medical actions and omissions intended to cause death. The culture of death has seeped into the healthcare system under the guise of false compassion. The resultant assault on human life is morally wrong and never justifiable.

This “Code of Ethics for Healthcare Providers” consists of 10 essential principles that recall the ancient oath to inflict no harm, respect life, provide the best available medical care, and protect all patients from injustice. 
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