June 2020
HALO collaborates with many organizations to provide those who trust us with the best life-affirming information, services, and products available. There are several life-affirming advance directives for healthcare that HALO has vetted and approved, including our own LAMP (Life-Affirming Medical Proxy) document, the Patients Rights Council’s PMDD (Protective Medical Decisions Document), Pro-Life Wisconsin’s PPAHC (Protective Power of Attorney for Health Care) and, for Canadians, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care. For information on these documents, see the red box on HALO’s home page at Additionally, HALO has created a resource that explains the differences between common types of advance directives: Medical Advance Directives: A Comparision.
We believe that people should have more than one choice when it comes to selecting a life-affirming advance directive because every person’s needs are different.
Introducing the LOVING WILL
American Life League offers an excellent document – the LOVING WILL. This advance directive is both a life-protective directive to physicians and a durable power of attorney (DPA) in which a person appoints an attorney-in-fact (called a proxy, agent, etc. in other DPA documents) to make medical decisions for them if they are unable to do so. The LOVING WILL is unique because, when a person does not know anyone they would trust to be their medical decision-maker, the directive may be used separately from the DPA.

In this pandemic, there are ever-growing threats to your life. Some in the medical community are pushing for the denial of life-saving services to some people. Now, more than ever, it is essential that everyone have a directive stating they want all available effective treatments, care, nutrition (food), hydration (water) and oxygen, however administered, to protect and preserve their life.
During this critical time, ALL is making the LOVING WILL available at NO CHARGE. Simply click here and order it. Once you complete the process, it will be sent to you by email. (Tip: When ordering the Loving Will, in the space that asks for your phone number or email address, type your email address so the download link will be sent to your email.)
Every Adult Needs a Life-Affirming, Life-Protective Advance Directive 
Every person 18 years of age or older should have a life-protective directive. Whenever you go to the hospital, bring along your carefully prepared life-protective directive that instructs health-care personnel to do nothing intentionally, by act or omission, to cause your death. This simple action may make the difference between life and death.

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