from the desk of the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

August 2020
On most Saturday mornings, you will find me sidewalk counseling at our local abortion clinic. On one recent Saturday, I heard a fellow sidewalk counselor call out to an African American woman, “Black lives matter. All lives matter - except apparently the lives of black babies.” I looked at the woman’s car and saw a Black Lives Matter sticker proudly displayed on its bumper. The woman looked at us but did not pause or respond as she entered the clinic.  

I could not help but think she had been completely brainwashed. Here she was, presumably, to end the life of her unborn black baby (a reasonable assumption since abortion is the “medical procedure” done at 7:15 am on Saturday mornings at this clinic) while showing support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Nowhere is the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement more obvious than at an abortion clinic. 

In an article from, titled “Planned Parenthood Claims Black Lives Matter, But Kills 247 Black Babies in Abortion Every Day,” the writer states, “Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger – a racist eugenicist who sought to sterilize and exterminate the black population. Not only was Planned Parenthood founded with the goal of controlling the breeding of ‘inferior races’ but, to this day, Planned Parenthood still celebrates Sanger, branding her a woman of heroic accomplishments.” (Note: Since this article was published, a few Planned Parenthood affiliates have dissociated themselves from the tie to Margaret Sanger, but this has not changed their horrendous racist agenda.)

Fast forward two weeks. I was nervously riding in the car with my teenage son, who had recently gotten his driver’s permit, when we saw a Black Lives Matter sign in a neighbor’s yard. My son nonchalantly said, “Mom, by the way, our house may get egged.” I asked, “What are you talking about? Why would someone egg our house?” (It is noteworthy that, earlier in the day, he had told me he wanted to take a self-defense class.) He replied that he had been responding to social media posts concerning the Black Lives Matter Movement. In his posts, he had conveyed that, while he believes in the statement “black lives matter,” he doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter Movement because their platform advocates for abortion (as well as other issues he disagrees with). His position angered many kids his age. They called him a racist and worse. In short, as a minority himself (he is adopted from Guatemala), he was being bullied for standing up against the Black Lives Matter Movement’s pro-abortion position and standing for his pro-life belief that all lives matter equally. 

I was proud of my son for standing up for his principles regarding a vitally important issue but was concerned that he was being bullied. I urged him to refrain from posting any more comments on the Black Lives Matter Movement. This advice stemmed from my belief that it is impossible to win a serious argument on social media. Also, I do not think social media is the optimal forum to touch people’s hearts. It saddened me that a fifteen-year old kid is dealing with such serious issues. When I was his age, I was not discussing matters like racism and abortion. 

Kids like my courageous son are not the only ones being bullied for expressing their beliefs. Almost daily, newspaper headlines highlight the latest public figure who has been fired for criticizing the Black Lives Matter Movement. People are labeled racist simply for disagreeing with the movement. This infringement on freedom of speech, combined with the failure of many to recognize the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement, means that we have a colossal battle before us. We must not cower in silence. We need to do everything we are humanly capable of doing to protect and defend life –  whether black, white, brown,  preborn, elderly, handicapped, employed, unemployed, poor, rich, smart, demented, sick or healthy – because ALL LIVES MATTER! 

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