August 2020

Faith Victoria, a 22-month old, was recently found face down in a swimming pool. Faith's family did CPR until the paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital. Below is Faith’s story, written by her Grandmother, Linda, which describes the family’s fight for Faith against a hospital’s medical futility policy. Please join us in praying for Faith Victoria as her battle continues.

On Monday, July 13th, 2020, Rachel and Tim (Faith’s parents) and our family began the intense battle for our little Faith Victoria. Her life weighing in the balance, we gave her to the Lord who holds the keys of life and death, and prayed for His sovereign will to be done. Never did we realize that part of the battle was to convince the hospital administration and staff that Faith’s life was in God’s hands – not theirs. Within days of her admission, even though her heart was beating strongly, they concluded that her brain was dead and they were going to move ahead with removing her ventilator. Three times, the hospital pressed upon Rachel and Tim to let them do an assessment test, which was really a technicality that the law required in order to end life. Three times, Rachel and Tim begged for more time, believing Faith was very much alive! "She is the Lord's child - it is in His realm to say who is to live and who is to die!" Three times, our Sovereign Lord stepped in and proved them wrong. Two times, Faith began to breathe just before the process was to begin.

After two weeks of fighting the constant pressure and pleading our case, doctor's hearts were won over; and the hospital switched gears and started to move forward with saving her. Nutrition was given. Therapy was begun. Procedures were done to make it possible for her to, in the future, go home.

The Lord used our little Faith's tragedy to expose something that we never imagined existed - laws that give hospital physicians the power to end a child's life without the consent of the parents. And this law is in place in hospitals all over this country. Dear people, those who know the Lord, know that "our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."(Eph. 6:12) The enemy is not the hospital and doctors; we pray for them. In fact, the doctors and nurses who have been working with Faith, and getting to know Rachel and Tim, are applauding their efforts to battle for their daughter’s life. Many of them were there to be sources of comfort when things were looking bleak. Some of them who came onto Faith's case without hope are now cheering Rachel and Tim on and tenderly caring for this little one with hope in their hearts that she will be whole again. Satan and his hoard of demons have been pushed back! He is the real enemy that comes to “kill, steal and destroy” – who battles for the souls of men.

"I will call upon the Lord, Who is to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies."(Ps. 18:3)

The battle for our precious Faith is not over. Until there is complete victory and the work is done, we will continue to stand and pray. We also stand and pray for the many lives that have been touched by her life. The Lord is using this little wisp of our child who has grabbed a hold of all of our hearts, to draw people to Himself. He looks at the eternal; and what the enemy of our souls means for evil, He turns around for the good! We pray that through this, we will all draw close to the only One Lord, Jesus Christ, who can save – where no situation is beyond His strong arm – where He is our Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer - our Strength and our Salvation – where His love endures forever!


August 2020
In her article titled “Strongest Simon’s Law Yet is Passed in Iowa,” Nancy Valko describes this new law as follows:
A court of law or equity shall not have the authority to require the withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures from a minor child over the objection of the minor child’s parent or guardian, unless there is conclusive medical evidence that the minor child has died and any electronic brain, heart, or respiratory monitoring activity exhibited to the contrary is a false artifact.” (Emphasis added)
This law is truly stunning as it means that the withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures over the objection of the parents (or guardians) requires conclusive medical evidence that the child has died using the most stringent criteria.

This law demonstrates that better legal protections for the medically vulnerable are essential.

Euthanasia in 2020

August 2020
Recent world headlines, including the following ones from APnews.com, show us that the practice of euthanasia, once thought to be rare, is becoming more and more accepted around the world.
  • Voluntary Euthanasia Becomes Legal in Australia State
  • Spanish Government Passes First Hurdle to Legalize Euthanasia
  • Amid Protests, Portugal Lawmakers vote to Allow Euthanasia

Promoters of legislation to legalize euthanasia evade the truth by using softer terms – “death with dignity,” “end-of-life option,” “medical assistance in dying,” etc. This is a deadly game of “let’s pretend,” but the far-reaching dreadful consequences of euthanasia are very real.

Alex Schadenberg, a member of the HALO Advisory Board and Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, focuses our attention on a bill to extend euthanasia in the Netherlands to people who are merely "tired of living." Learn more at
 Dangerous "Completed Life" bill would extend euthanasia in the Netherlands to healthy people.
A group of American euthanasia activists have started a Completed Life Initiative in collaboration with End of Life Choices New York. The idea that it is compassionate to medically assist anyone, at any stage of life to commit suicide is a deadly deception. We know instinctively that taking one's own life is not decent or dignified, not a choice to be encouraged or aided; nor is assisting another to kill himself or herself a praiseworthy act.

See HALO’s 
Information Sheet on Assisted Suicide for more information.

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