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Breakthrough (A boy drowned and came back to life. – Added September 2020

The Movie “Breakthrough,” produced in 2019, depicts the true story of a 14-year old boy, John Smith, who fell through the ice on Lake Louise in St. Charles, MO in 2015. He was under water for 15 minutes before being rescued and rushed to a hospital. Though the doctors worked tirelessly to revive John, they eventually had no choice but to declare him dead. John’s mother, Joyce, was called into the room to say goodbye to his lifeless body. There were no signs of life, but Joyce didn’t give up. She begged God to bring back her son. John remained in this lifeless state for 45–55 minutes. Suddenly, miraculously, John’s heart started beating again. Everyone was elated beyond words with this unexpected sign; however, it did not mean he was “out of the woods” or that recovery was assured.

John was transferred to Cardinal Glennon Hospital where he remained in a coma with life support under the care of a pediatric critical care physician, Dr Jerome Garrett, who is also a world-renowned hypothermia and drowning expert. Dr. Garrett gave little hope for John’s survival and warned the parents that, if he did live, he would be severely neurologically impaired and would never again have normalcy in his life. When the parents were at the point of giving up all hope, it was decided to remove the ventilator to see if John’s organs could support life. A second miracle took place! John opened his eyes, recognized his mother, and said, “MOM.”

Sixteen days after the accident, John walked out of the hospital without any physical or neurological impairment. Now, five years later, John is studying for the ministry at a midwestern Christian college. He continues to share his experience “as an example of faith in God’s amazing power.”

Reviewed by Marlene Reid
Image: 20th Century Fox


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