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 “Brain death” is not a settled issue, but continues to be the subject of intense international debate. HALO's position on this important issue aligns with the below statement by Dr. David W. Evans.
This debate should raise serious doubts concerning whether brain dead people are dead and lead to a rethinking of the entire enterprise of removing vital organs from such patients. A fundamental goal of medicine is to do no harm (non-maleficence). Any action that directly causes the death of a patient, even if it is for the good of others, opposes the goal of medicine not to harm that individual patient. Any attempt to downplay the importance of the brain death debate in the interests of organ transplantation is therefore fundamentally wrong. It is precisely whether transplantation kills the donor that is the key issue that cuts to the heart of the goals of medicine.
David W Evans, Brain death: Brain death is a recent invention,” BMJ, 9-14-2002, web.


You have no idea. You just gave me the biggest personal hug.
—HALO Helpline caller

Thank you for praying with me and thank you for praying for my father-in-law. You have no idea how much difference your warm and compassionate voice made.
—HALO Helpline caller

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