Words on Bathroom Walls – Added October 2020

In the 2020 film “Words on Bathroom Walls”, the teenage character Adam battles with being viewed as a schizophrenic and nothing else. Adam is very gifted in the kitchen and has dreams of culinary school, but he first needs a high school diploma. His condition makes that a challenging goal to achieve.

Left without many other options, Adam’s mother and her boyfriend, Paul, move Adam to a Catholic high school after a psychotic incident in which Adam injures a fellow student in chemistry class. Adam works to conceal his condition from many around him, including his love interest, Maya, and fellow students. He faces additional struggles with those who know he has schizophrenia and is suspicious of many people, including the headmaster of the school, the priest, Paul, and even his own mother. Fueled by the perceived condemnation of those around him, Adam hallucinates and imagines discouraging words about him on the bathroom walls. Ultimately, with the help of the priest truly listening to him and Paul's fatherly support, Adam learns his value and persuades others of his value as well, proving that a person is a person and NOT his or her diagnosis.

Reviewed by Chris Rogers
mage: Roadside Attractions.


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