The Truth About Assisted Suicide

The sound bites used to promote legalization of physician-assisted suicide (PAS) appeal to our emotions. For instance, the slogan "death with dignity" was crafted to convince the public that PAS is as "peaceful" as falling asleep and merely a "personal choice." This is very deceptive. Self-destruction is an extreme act of despair, and involving other people makes it more than a "personal choice." The talking points provided in "The Truth About Assisted Suicide" shed light on the pitfalls of PAS.

The Earth-Shattering Shift in Medical Ethics

The new bioethics divides human beings into two categories: the “wanted” and the “unwanted.” Like their brothers and sisters who are aborted at the beginning of their lives, the chronically or terminally ill, disabled, and elderly are in danger of being killed simply because it is inconvenient and/or costly to care for them.

When a loved one is referred to hospice or palliative care, be wary and stay alert!  Better yet, evaluate beforehand with the following checklist:

Questions to Ask a Hospice Before Admission

Who is Dr. Ira Byock?

Ira Byock, MD, is one of the most anti-pro-life hospice and palliative care physicians in the country, this fact sheet explains why.

Pushing stealth euthanasia cannot be made acceptable by opposing the legalization of assisted suicide!

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