January 2021
By Christopher Rogers

Supporters of abortion long ago argued that the act they championed was not murder because the developing fetus was not yet a human life or a person. Gradually, when this argument became harder to defend, mainly because of ultrasounds, the tactic used to champion abortion morphed into cries of “my body, my choice.” This slogan was used to justify convenience and pocketbook-protecting abortions, and it opened the door for debates about other ethical issues. If killing is acceptable when the youngest of children are not desired, logically, other groups of “undesirable” people can be “justly” removed from existence as well. 
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January 2021

During these challenging times, we could use an uplifting story. This is that story.
The article Mom wakes from coma the day before she was supposed to be removed from ventilator recounts the true story of Lisa Martin. Lisa, a mother of four, was admitted to the hospital in September of 2020 for COVID-related complications. Lisa’s condition deteriorated, and her family was advised to say goodbye to her. The family, however, decided to wait 11 days before deciding whether doctors should remove Lisa’s ventilator. Ten days later, Lisa awakened from her coma, and in December, after being on a ventilator for 59 days, she walked out of the hospital and went home to complete her recovery.
Many refer to Lisa’s recovery as miraculous but keep in mind that her story, while amazing and wonderful, is not unique. Lisa’s family chose to give her more time before making a decision about stopping life-sustaining treatment. More time is what many patients need to wake from coma, but some are prematurely deemed “hopeless” and their treatment withdrawn because of “medical futility” decisions made by doctors and hospital ethics committees.
Whether Lisa’s recovery was a miracle or the natural result of being given more time to wake up, we thank God that Lisa survived and that her children still have their mother.


January 2021
By Anne O'Meara

After hiring two employees and opening our office in January of 2020, we hit the ground running! Click here for a few of the highlights!


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