By Marsha Joiner - Talk Show Host, Betrayed by Hospice
February 2021
Many of us blindly trust doctors and nurses. However, believing everything healthcare providers tell us regarding the care of vulnerable patients, especially the elderly, can result in an unimaginable death toll. Marsha Joiner painfully describes what happened to her dear mother. She does this for our benefit – to warn and advise us so that we will be armed to defend the lives of our loved ones and other vulnerable patients, especially in hospice settings. Thank you, Marsha!  – Julie Grimstad, President of HALO
My mom, Frances Souther, was the sweetest, most compassionate southern belle. She had a beautiful smile that lit up a room, a listening ear, and a shoulder for anyone. She loved my dad, Durwood. They were devoted to their three children, four grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. Mom was my best friend and, although there were 700 miles between us, we talked almost daily. Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 68th anniversary in less than a month when my world was shattered.

In October 2016, while my sister and I were visiting our parents in Georgia, our 86-year-old mother became weak. Having previously injured her leg, a nurse came to the house once a week to check on the wound. This nurse determined that Mom was anemic. Her doctor directed us to take her to the hospital. There, an endoscopy and colonoscopy were performed to see if Mom was bleeding internally or had cancer. I did not want these invasive tests done because she had congestive heart failure (CHF) which was being successfully treated with medication. Her doctor, concerned that anesthesia would be dangerous for a patient with CHF, had advised against hip replacement surgery. These tests required anesthesia. I was afraid of losing Mom, but she wanted to know, so I acquiesced. The procedures revealed no bleeding or cancer.
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By Marsha Joiner
February 2021

I cannot bring my precious mom back, but maybe I can help you save a loved one’s life. There are many educational and supportive resources available and a lot of people standing together to protect all our loved ones. If you need help or advice, just ask.

It is my mission to spread the truth. You are invited to listen to my programs on TS Radio, Betrayed by Hospice. If you wish to tell your story, please contact me at marshajoiner2018@gmail.com.

Frances Souther’s story, including discussion with her husband and daughters by blood, by marriage and by grace, can be heard at this link.

I’ve learned so much from the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO). HALO’s website, www.halovoice.org, is highly informative. Its fact sheet Drugs Commonly Used in Hospice and Palliative Care lists drugs and their effects and provides general guidelines about pain control. It is imperative to know this information before your loved one is in a situation where you need the data. Knowledge is power!


Stealth Euthanasia a book by Ron Panzer is a masterwork on the subject of medical killing. His books and articles in pdf form are available and freely emailed to anyone. Requests should be sent to Ron at rpanzer@servermx.net.

Making a Difference, A Guide for Defending the Medically Vulnerable is a 16-page HALO publication “designed to help YOU navigate the complicated and sometimes perilous healthcare system.” It includes “Question to Ask a Hospice BEFORE Admission.” To order, click here or call 888-221-4256 (HALO).

Killing for Profit – The Dark Side of Hospice, a book by Michelle Young Doers, Respiratory Therapist, is a good source of information about hospice betrayals.

We must stand together for JUSTICE!

The criteria for enrollment in hospice have been expanded to include people who are not terminally ill and expected to die within six months. For example:
  • People who can be treated with medication to control their diseases.
  • People with declining mental alertness/cognitive impairments such as dementia.
  • People who have difficulty feeding or dressing themselves or have become incontinent,
  • People who have had more than three hospitalizations over a 4–6-month period.
For criteria, see “Is it Time for Hospice? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself,” (VITAS Healthcare).

Oftentimes, a patient’s symptoms can be caused by something as treatable as a urinary tract infection (UTI). However, the cause may not be investigated or treated because elderly patients are considered expendable and eliminating them is encouraged.

Until there is a change in the criteria to enroll, and until all hospices have truthful discussions with patients and families about the side effects of the drugs they use and are required to obtain informed consent before administering them, people will continue to be murdered! 

I have no doubt that the government is aware of these vicious killings. Yet government officials do nothing because hastened deaths save money for Medicare and Medicaid. As for hospice nurses, either they have been inadequately taught the dangerous side effects and the appropriate administration of powerful pain medications and therefore should not be administering them, or they are aware and thus complicit in premeditated murder.

It is crucially important to request medical records while your loved one is in the care of a hospice service or medical facility and research the drugs being given. You have rights! You can refuse the drugs or the care plan. You can change to another hospice. You can revoke hospice at any time and reinstate the patient’s former treatment plan.

If you have lost a loved one under suspicious circumstances in any healthcare setting, I have been where you are and understand. Here are my suggestions.
  • Acquire their medical records so you can know what happened and what drugs were used. Know the facts. Don’t believe everything you are told.
  • Do not just accept what happened. Submit reports in writing to the hospice administrator and to the proper government agencies. (See “Safeguards for Medicare Patients in Hospice Care.”) If investigations are done one day, your loved one's name and experience will be documented so investigators will realize it was not just a handful, but thousands of people who were abused and killed.
  • Do not be ashamed to ask for help to get through your grief. This is a horrible burden to bear alone. You need to express your feelings and not internalize your pain.
  • Seek justice but do not let this stop you from living your life and finding peace.
  • Volunteer to be a HALO patient advocate and offer support to others.
  • Do not be silent. Share your story to warn others so they can avoid suffering the same horror.
You are not to blame for what happened to your loved one, but you can help others before it is too late for them to save their loved ones. Stand strong. Protect those left behind. We must stand together for JUSTICE – Join USupporting The Innocent Culled Elderly.
WARNING: In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered its “strongest warnings” be added to labels on opioid pain medications (morphine and fentanyl are opioids) and benzodiazepines (Ativan is one) after finding that the growing use of opioid medicines combined with benzodiazepines or other drugs that depress the central nervous system has resulted in serious side effects, including slowed or difficult breathing, and deaths. [Source.]

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