Vaccination Letter Sent to Public Colleges and Universities in Virginia

The attached letter was sent to me by Father James Bromwich, Director of Mission for the  Bon Secours Mercy Health facilities, including the college, in Virginia. He is also a member of the Health Care Civil Rights Task Force along with a number of other individuals involved in health care advocacy, including myself and Anne O'Meara, HALO's Executive Director. This letter is addressed to colleges and universities in Virginia and addresses why they should not mandate the COVID-19 vaccines for students and staff.

This is an extremely important letter which comprehensively covers the reasons why the COVID-19 inoculations should not be mandated, especially for young people. I would also like to point out one statement on page 10 of the letter that should be noted by anyone who has recovered from having the COVID-19 infection. Basically, people who have had COVID-19 should be made aware that the "vaccine" is more dangerous for them and they already have antibodies that "are far superior to the immunity that could be obtained by a vaccine."

Julie Grimstad
President, Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO) 

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