HALO trains relatives, friends, volunteers, and caregivers to be advocates for patients. We use the term “patient advocate” to describe a person who strives to safeguard the welfare of a patient in a healthcare setting. Most in need of protection are medically vulnerable people—the mentally or physically disabled, chronically or terminally ill, elderly, and poor.

The 24/7 HALO Helpline offers free and confidential information, support, and referrals for patients, their family members, and caregivers who have concerns about the treatment and care a patient is receiving in any healthcare setting, either at home or in a facility.

As a relative, friend or volunteer, have you ever been called upon to support/advocate for a person in a healthcare setting? This patient advocacy video with HALO President, Julie Grimstad, will answer the most common questions when assisting those who are medically vulnerable.
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NEW - In this short video Alexandra Snyder from Life Legal Defense Foundation discusses the importance of patient advocates, especially during the unprecedented COVID crisis and also outlines the need for an advance health care directive.

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Patient Toolbox

Citizen's Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) provides a "Patient Toolbox." Use it to protect your rights, understand your options, and maintain control over your treatment decisions. Click here.

Questions about Oxygen Therapy

Patient advocates routinely get asked about oxygen therapy as well as antibiotics and fluids. This discussion between Dr. John Campbell and Dr. John Tallinger covers vital information that would be helpful for loved ones, caregivers and advocates looking after the elderly especially when dealing with COVID-19.

Dr. Tallinger reports from Sweden

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